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Top Things To Do In Acadia National Park with Kids | USA Travel

Updated: Oct 21

There are so many things to do and explore at Acadia National Park located on Mount Desert Island on the Seacoast of Maine.

Having visited Acadia myself several times I have found that it's a great place for families to explore. Below I share my top tips on things you should do when you visit.

Acadia National Park offers amazing opportunities for fun with children of all ages. You can hike, bike, see amazing wildlife, see amazing rock formations, explore tidepools in the park's ocean shoreline, go kayaking and do a host of other activities.

Taking kids to a National Park is a great way to show them the beauty of America, teach them the history of the land, and foster a sense of wonder. Acadia National Park is a beautiful park that has several different ecosystems to explore. It is right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, has heavily wooded areas, and has lots of granite exposed peaks! There are so many things to do with kids here, but if you are looking for a few ideas to get your started read on!

Bike on Carriage Roads

J.D. Rockefeller created 45 miles of carriage roads on Acadia. These roads are broken stone pathways that lead all around the mountains and valleys. Once the carriage roads are dried from the melting snow, they are open to bikers. Going on a bike ride with your family, stopping for a quick trail hike and snack, then hopping back on the bike for the next adventure is priceless quality time! I will warn you though, some of these carriage roads are VERY hilly. Find an elevation map or talk to a local to find which stretch of carriage roads are best suited for your little biker!

Jordan Pond Loop

This is a flat 3.1 mile loop around this crystal clear body of water. This is a very easy hike but my kiddos found adventure at every turn. There were boulders to climb, evidence of beavers left on tree trunks, and critters rustling in the woods. My two especially loved the long stretch of boardwalk but be careful, this is very slippery when wet!

Hemlock/Jesup Paths

These two paths create a figure 8 loop 1.5 miles long. This is a flat and easy hike with beautiful views of white birch trees and Dorr Mountain. This trail has a long stretch of boardwalk and could easily accommodate a sturdy stroller! This trail also starts at the Wild Gardens of Acadia which is also a great stop for kids!

Drive Up Cadillac Mountain

Enjoy the spectacular views without the strenuous hike! You can drive up the tallest mountain on the eastern seaboard! They say this is the spot that our country sees the sunrise first so many people come up to the peak of Cadillac to see the sunrise. Starting in 2019, however, the park is requiring that you reserve (and pay) for a pass to drive up Cadillac. You can take a look at reservations here.

Bar Harbor

You have to visit this beautiful neighboring sea town! There is a wonderful downtown area that has ice cream shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and souvenir shops. There is also a little green park where you can sit and watch the boats. Another really neat thing about Bar Harbor is the Bar Harbor Land Bridge! For an hour and a half before and after low tide a trail becomes visible in the waters. You can walk across it and discover tide pools left behind with sea life in them!


Acadia National Park is brimming with life! Even the ponds off of the side of the road are full of HUGE tadpoles, the biggest I have ever seen. For more ideas or to see what adventures The Perks have had in Acadia click on the links below!


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