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Things To Do at Franconia Notch With Kids

Updated: Aug 26

My absolute favorite part of the NH White Mountains is the Franconia Notch. I remember when I first moved to NH people would always tell me about North Conway and the Kancamagus, but the first time I drove up 93 N I knew right away that the Franconia Notch area would be my favorite!

Lincoln NH is just south of the Franconia Notch and is a great place to stay with kids. There are plenty of things for kids to do. There are lots of Bed and Breakfasts, hotels, and plenty of campgrounds as well.

Franconia Notch Bike Path

This is an 8.7 mile rail trail that goes through Franconia Notch State Park. You can ride as much as you want and then turn back. We parked in a lot right off of exit 35. The ride was scenic and there were lots of little brooks and bridges to explore off of the path.

Falling Waters Trail

When my husband and I first moved to NH twelve years ago we hiked Mount Lafayette, Mount Liberty and Little Haystack, I remember coming down Little Haystack and seeing this beautiful waterfall. I was absolutely exhausted when we were coming down the mountain so we didn’t’ spend a lot of time at the waterfall. So when I was planning our most recent trip to Lincoln, I knew I wanted to show our kids this waterfall. Falling waters trail is the trail to go up Little Haystack and it is a very difficult 5 mile hike. However, about 1.6 miles in there is a beautiful waterfall. There are actually 3 waterfalls along the trail with the last one being the biggest. It is a very easy hike to the waterfalls.

Polly’s Pancake Parlor

We love Polly’s Pancake Parlor. Every time we are in the Franconia area we always stop in and have a bite. These pancakes are incredible. Everything about the parlor is amazing. Great experience and delicious food! Pro Tip: Make sure you call ahead right when they open at 7am to secure a spot, otherwise it is about an hour and a half wait.

Indian Head Trail

This is a hike up Mount Pemigewasset. This is a 3.8 mile moderate hike and near the end towards the summit it gets pretty steep. It had not rained several days surrounding our hike but I can definitely see that the rocks would be very slippery if they were wet. The yellow trail markings were definitely starting to fade but it was pretty clear where the trail was. As you reach closer to the top the yellow markers end and you follow the blue straight to the lookout and the summit.

Flume Gorge

The flume extends 800 feet at the base of Mount Liberty and is a beautiful site! I have been here in the fall and in the late spring. Just awe inspiring! This attraction is not free and requires reservations. There is a 2 mile loop trail that takes you through the gorge.

Cannon Mountain Tram

If you want the views that only a 4000 footer can give without strenuous hiking, take the tram! This is perfect for kids. Kids under 5 years old are free with older kids being almost as much as an adult ticket at $23. Plan to spend a good amount of time up at the summit. There are little trails around the top as well as a restaurant to eat lunch.


These are all great things to do with kids. This is definitely an annual vacation spot for us and we will definitely be back to my favorite place in NH! I hope this was helpful for you as you plan your trip to the notch!

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