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How To Rent Out Your Camper in 6 Steps

Does your camper sit in your driveway multiple weekends during the summer? Maybe you are too busy to use it as much as you hoped that you would. You can turn that sitting camper into a semi passive income machine! Not only will this make you extra cash but it also gets your camper out more often instead of sitting, which is a win win! Do you want to make extra cash with an asset you already have but not sure where to start? Below I share 6 steps to create a successful camper rental.

It doesn’t matter if you have a travel trailer or a motor home, this steps are universal in helping you set up your short term camper rental.

Step 1: Choose a Site to List Your Camper On

The first thing you will want to do is decide which site you want to list your camper on. There are plenty of sites out there (AirBnB, Outdoorsy, & RV Rentals to name a few). However, before you dive any deeper you will want to check with your camper’s insurance company to find out if they have any rules or regulations on where you can list your camper. Our insurance company narrowed down our options and we ended up listing our camper on Outdoorsy. We love it and haven’t had any issues.

Step 2: Stock and Stage your Camper.

If you have ever gone camping in your camper, you probably know what is necessary to have stocked in your camper. Be sure to have all the necessary items to ensure an enjoyable experience. Be sure to cover the basics, you want this to be a home away from home. You also might want your camper to stand out among the rest so think of unique ideas too! This is where staging comes in. Think of items that could brighten your camper’s space and help your prospective renters envision themselves staying in your camper. Plants (even if they are fake), comfy items (like throw blankets), coffee mugs, books, etc. You want your viewers to crave the space because it looks so cozy and relaxing!

Be sure to modernize it as much as you can. This doesn’t have to be a full rehab of your camper. Adding curtains, unique storage options, bright rugs, and nice linens are enough. Make sure it is bright and clean.

Step 3: Take Photos

Good photos and the camper will sell itself. Light is king when it comes to good photos of your camper. This will stop a viewer from scrolling and will intrigue them to click on your listing. Solid photos are KEY! Be sure to use lots of natural light and play with the focal length. Give some wide angle images as well as some with a higher focal length. The more photos you list the better!

Step 4: Write a Great Listing Title and Description

Just like with photos, a good title will stop the scroll and intrigue a viewer enough to click on your listing! For your title try and highlight the pros of your camper, and maybe think of a clever name for your camper. In the description of your RV you want to be short and sweet but also as detailed as you need to be. Remember to highlight the perk of your camper early and often.

How to rent out your camper

Step 5: Create an Experience Around Renting your Camper.

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is how you receive 5 star review after 5 star review! If you want your camper to be in high demand and always booked out you will want to create an experience around your camper. Be creative with this and add your own flair. Make a guide explaining how to use your camper. Create a Welcome Magazine! You can do this fairly easily with Canva and then have it printed at Staples. Create how to videos with your phone and a simple video editing software (I use iMovie…). Put together a welcome basket of goodies that you would enjoy on a camping trip. Be creative!

Step 6: Block Out Dates on the Calendar

This is important to take a birds eye view of your camping season and block out dates that you want to be creating memories with your own family! That is, after all, why you bought your RV, right?! Sit down with a calendar and plan out all of the dates that you want to block off and remember to leave ample room to clean and wash linens too!

You will want to start slow when first rented out your RV and to ensure that you have a good system in place to release the camper and to receive it. You will want to know how long it takes to turn it over so be sure not to take on too many renters too soon.


That's it! You are ready to hit PUBLISH! Publish that camper listing and post on all social media outlets. Be sure to let family and friends know so you can let word of mouth do it’s thing!

If you have a camper and you don’t use it every single week of the summer, you don’t have to let your camper sit in your driveway getting cobwebs. If you follow these steps you can create extra revenue for you and your family. It takes a little work to get this machine up and running, but once it is up, all you need to do is keep it going. The extra income you receive from this rental will add up and you will be so happy that you took the time to invest.

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