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How To Take Good Travel Photos | Travel

Updated: Jan 3

Take Good Travel Photos Today

Want to take beautiful travel photos? Ones that you will be proud to show off to your friends on social media and print in a vacation album to be displayed on your coffee table? As a professional photographer who also loves to take iPhone vacation photos, I'm going to spill some secrets on just how to take good travel photos.

The tips that I will layout can work with any camera! Yes even your phone camera! These tips are tried and true because I let you in on a little photographer secret. What really matters is... LIGHT. If you didn’t know, light is king. Light is what can make an iPhone photo look professional. Poor lighting can ruin an image that no fancy preset can fix. Save yourself the money and learn about light, from me, for free!

I will show you how to find that good light and where to place your subject for the perfect shot.

Although I am a professional wedding photographer, I'm not one to lug my expensive camera around on vacation. No way. Just the thought of possibly having tiny sand granules scratch my lenses sends me into a panic. Nope, I leave my cameras at and sound. I love the ease of just unzipping my fanny pack and pulling out my phone to take the shot. Crazy right? I think you should always use the tool that is easiest for you to capture the moment. I LOVE capturing moments and taking good travel photos that I will be excited to share! I always felt like my phone is just the most convenient way to photograph my real life. I also don't use any fancy editing software. I just adjust a few of the little sliders by tapping "edit" on my iPhone photo. I will teach you how to do it too. Hopefully that is encouraging for you!

If you haven’t been totally in love with your vacation photos in the past, then the time to level up your images is NOW! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Join my totally FREE Mini Training on how to take amazing photos with your phone today!

I will teach you how to light your subject correctly in different lighting scenarios as well as share how I "edit" my travel photos. (Anybody can do it!)


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