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Updated: Aug 23

Wanting a tropical vacation in the Caribbean? Jamaica is a beautiful island with majestic mountains and pristine beaches!

It is true, the Caribbean is known for its crystal clear light teal blue waters and soft sandy beaches, but Jamaica adds another element to the mix...mountains! Being from New Hampshire, we love mountains. Something about mixing mountains and ocean is so magical. That is why we absolutely loved the island of Jamaica!

We stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay. It is on a stretch of land that is lined with all inclusive resorts. This was a quick 4 day trip, basically just to get out of the dead of winter in New England and have a little reprieve, Just Ben and I. This trip was all about relaxing and connecting. We actually never left the resort, and we had plenty to do.

Let me just tell you, the food was incredible. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner....there wasn't a bad meal the entire time. You can eat jerk at any time of day. My favorite was the jerk oxtail. AMAZING! The food was definitely one of my highlights.

We sat by the pool and read lots of books, ate lots of good food, and enjoyed all of the events that the resort itself had to offer. The resort was located on such a beautiful location that you could just stare out into the ocean and gawk at the mountains for hours.

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