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4 Favorite Kid Friendly Seacoast NH Hiking Trails | NH Hiking

Updated: Aug 23

Hiking is not just for the mountains! A hike is when you go exploring.

Nothing makes my kids happier than being outside in nature. They could be having a tough day but when we hit a trail, they turn into little adventurers. My children are little wild ones and we try to be outside most of the time. Over the years I have compiled a list of our favorite go-to hikes around the NH Seacoast.

Odiorne Point State Park

This State Park has a lot to offer and is very versatile. There are lots of trails that wind through the park through rocky beaches, old military forts, and dense vegetation. You can decide how far you would like to go with options to loop or to go out and back. After hiking you can picnic on the beach or at one of the many picnic tables available. There is also a good size playground that kids could enjoy. Located within the park is also The Seacoast Science Center that has lots of fun marine life to check out and a touch pool. (There is an additional fee to enter the museum). Odiorne charges a parking fee during peak hours in the summertime.

Gonic Trails

Gonic Trails are a bit outside of the seacoast area, but they're too good not to mention. These trails, located in the outskirts of Rochester, NH, are managed by Waste Management. There are 3 main trails ranging from 1.3 miles to 7 miles. My favorite part of this hike is that the trail will lead you to the Isinglass River where there is a roaring waterfall. Parking here is always free.

Wagon Hill Farm

This piece of land used to be privately owned but was given to the town of Durham as conservation. There are lots of different trails and loops throughout this farm giving you a lot of different options for how long you want to hike for. There are trails through the grassy plains as well as trails through the thickly wooded areas. There is also a gravel walking trail that leads you directly to the Great Bay. Lots of options here and parking is always free.

Winnie The Pooh Trail

This is a smaller loop inside of the Goodwill Conservation trail in Barrington, NH. It is less than 1 mile and has lots of fun signs, stories, and "homes" of the Winnie The Pooh characters to explore!

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