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Updated: Dec 27, 2022

New Year, new me...who's this?

Reminiscing and goal setting. That's what NYE is all about for us. We love a good NYE Tradition! If you don't know who I am, my name is Amanda, and I am an Achiever. Needless to say, I am ALL about setting big goals and then setting things in motion to accomplish those goals. My husband and I are feeling the pace of life grow faster and faster with each passing year and we find it so important to have a set apart time to think about the year, sit in gratitude, and laugh at the memories.

My husband and I have some New Year's Eve (NYE) Traditions that I'd love to share with you that you can totally use to make your dreams come to fruition too!

nye traditions

Memory Jar Slips

We have a jar in our house that we call The Memory Jar and this is a big NYE tradition for us. Inside the jar are slips of paper that have moments that we want to remember. Things the kids said that made us belly laugh. Adventures we took that we don't want to forget. A series of unfortunate events that we know we'll think is funny one day. All year we write down memories on slips of paper and throw them into the jar.

On New Year's Eve my husband and I make our favorite drinks, cozy up in front of the fire, and crack open the memory jar. We take our time reading the slips of paper, laughing until we cry, and saving our favorites in a separate pile. The pile of our favorites will be typed out and placed into our "Annual Family Yearbook" that I create every year. After we finish the slips from the year, we can pull out yearbooks from the past and read our favorites. You would be surprised what memories we forgot about until we read them again.

For some examples of our Memory Jar Slips take a look here. It will definitely take you on a rabbit hole of interesting adventures we've had!

Watch Home Videos

I've been recording my kids since the day they were born. Before they were born I was making home videos with my nieces and nephews. I would upload videos that I took over the year into iMovie, splice it up, and add some text. That was my gift to my parents every Christmas for years! Recently I started a Youtube Channel (which I'd love for you to come over and join me) that includes vlogs from over the past few years. For New Years we play the vlogs that I have created from that year and reminisce on all of the amazing adventures we have been on. We love to bond and laugh about all of the inside jokes we now have because of the trips.

Goal Setting

First my husband and I take out our goals that are written down from the previous NYE and we share which goals we met and where we might have fallen short. We discuss the difficulty or ease of achieving last year's goals and if we should have set the bar a little higher (usually the answer is...yes). Then we grab a pen and paper and begin goal setting for the coming year.

Together we write down 6 goals. Three business goals and three personal goals. S.M.A.R.T. Goals are the name of the game. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. We keep each other accountable in writing our goals. Then we both make sure that the goal is written in a way so we both know exactly what it is we want to achieve. We discuss how we know when we have achieved the goal. We usually try to push the other into making bigger and more audacious goals (everyone tends to play it a little safe). Then we make a statement about when the goal will be achieved (quarterly, monthly, by EOY, etc). Then I usually write them all down in pretty handwriting and display them somewhere that we will see every day!

That's it! We have been doing this for years and we definitely look forward to it.


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