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Things To Do In Destin When It Rains | Florida Travel

So you're coming to Destin and you are trying to prepare for the worst. The beaches are amazing and what Destin is best known for, but what do you do when the skies open up and raindrops fall from the sky? What are you going to do if the weather isn’t great? You bought the right clothes, booked your flight tickets, made the reservations at a hotel, so where are you supposed to go when you can't enjoy being outside? No worries, Destin offers lots of indoor activities for you to do so that you don’t have to miss out on your vacation. There is no need to let the rain put a damper on your trip. Check out our list of 6 things you can do if it rains during your vacation in Destin.

Things To Do In Destin When It Rains

Fort Sk8

Located in Fort Walton Beach, this family fun center is the perfect activity to do when it rains! Fort Sk8 has roller skating, an arcade, an indoor playground, and a cafe! You could spend lots of time here and it is close enough to Destin, only a 20 minute drive. Kids of all ages could find something they love to do. You can rent roller skates and glide around the rink then stop at the cafe for some snacks. The indoor playground is reserved for children under 8 years old and is a great place for little ones to burn off their energy and play! The arcade has tons of games that you can play and win prizes from. Plenty of time could be spent here!

Suds N Cinema

Suds N Cinema is a beautiful historic movie theater right on the downtown strip of Fort Walton Beach that has been recently renovated. This theater offers dining as well. They serve pizza and sandwiches along with drinks. It is so fun to be able to have dinner and a movie, at the same time! Such a fun and unique thing to do near Destin when it’s raining.

Urban Air

Trampoline park anyone?! Kids of all ages (and most adults) enjoy jumping around on trampolines! This is actually much more than your typical trampoline park. Urban Air is quite the experience. This large facility hosts open jump as well as dodgeball games and is located in Destin. Other attractions include a climbing wall, laser tag, virtual reality, a ropes course, and a tube playground full of slides! They also have a cafe on site that you can enjoy snacks and drinks at as well. Icees and pizza, your kids will be in heaven and are bound to have a blast here. This is the thing to do in Destin when it rains, for sure.

Emerald Coast Science Center

The Emerald Coast Science Center is an interactive hands-on science center located in Fort Walton Beach. There is an impressive number of activities to do with plenty of exhibits. Some exhibits include dinosaurs, robots, and the local emerald coast ecosystem. Surprisingly they also house several exotic animals including adorable pygmy hedgehogs and sugar gliders! Although there are a few outside exhibits, this is still a fantastic place to visit near Destin when it is raining.

The VReality

The VReality is located in the Santa Rosa Mall in Mary Esther, a 20 minute drive from Destin. Now this is the thing to do near Destin when there is poor weather outside. I can imagine older kids would go crazy for this place. The VReality website does mention you have to be older than seven to play. This business also claims that they are the only VR venue with a free roam area. They also have a classic arcade for those that aren’t quite ready to dive into the world of virtual reality.


Now this is the thing I most like to do in Destin when it is raining! There are several bowling alleys in the vicinity but my favorite would be Hurricane Lanes. Hurricane Lanes is a bowling alley that also offers arcade games! There are pool tables as well as a full sports bar and a cafe. You can spend a good amount of time here having a blast with your family.


This list contains a variety of activities to do near Destin Florida whenever it’s raining out. Being prepared with a plan of action just in case the weather is poor is a great idea when you have children traveling with you. This post gave you options on things to do during one of those yucky rainy days. Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas on how to fill your time when the weather isn't cooperating. Ultimately, the best way to pass the time if you’re stuck in Destin during a rainy day is to find something to do that you enjoy doing. If you’re an outdoorsy person, you can drive back down the highway and explore our beautiful beaches ahead of schedule. But if you’re looking for something indoors, there are plenty of options. Keep in mind that this list is just a snapshot of local activities, and there are many more things to do in Destin than what we have described here. Hopefully, what we have shared will get your creative juices flowing!

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