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4 Reasons To Take a Travel Trailer Camping | New England Camping

Updated: Oct 21

Camp with modern luxuries that make your experience more enjoyable.

We love camping and the outdoors, but not everyone enjoys roughing it. There's no reason to put up with bad weather, uncomfortable sleeping conditions and boredom when you can stay in a safe, clean and comfortable travel trailer to keep the fun going all day long.

Camping and the word luxury usually do not end up in the same sentence, that is until "Glamping" became more and more popular. Sleeping on the ground isn't for everyone (including me) and trying to live for days at a time with kids in a tent is difficult. There are lots of options when it comes to glamping with recreational vehicles and trailers. Here are 4 reasons camping with a travel trailer is the best option!

All In One Place

You are basically bringing a hotel room with you to your campsite. Our camper Callie is equipped with comfy mattresses, a refrigerator, a shower/toilet, microwave, and one of my favorite air conditioner. Enjoy nature at your pace and then take reprieve in your portable hotel room.

Explore Nature

Travel trailers vary in size, our camper Callie is 21 ft long and can fit into the more secluded and private camping sites. Enjoy the best natural beauty that your campground has to offer by sliding into those smaller sites. Boondocking (no hookups) is a great way to explore nature and get those more desirable, beautiful sites.

Use Your Vehicle

A huge pro to camping with a travel trailer is that you can easily unhitch and take your vehicle on adventures that are outside the campground. This can include exploring local towns or adventuring to local hikes. You can easily explore the surrounding area without hauling everything with you.

Camping is FUN!

There is nothing better than creating core memories with your family. Cooking outside, exploring nature, starting a campfire...these are the things that your kids will remember. When you all slow down, put the devices down, and really connect with each other. That is where life gets really good.


Camping can be a truly memorable experience. It can put you in touch with nature, create lasting bonds with family and friends, and keep you from getting rusty when it comes to outdoor skills. Regardless of where you go, however, there are always ways to make your camping experience better. Modern amenities can make travel trailer camping more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before.

If you were shaking your head yes to all of these things and you are ready to plan your next glamping adventure with a travel trailer, check out our Callie the Camper. She is stocked and ready to go!

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