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Updated: May 12

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hi! We are The Perkins...The "Perks" if you will. We love all things travel, hiking, camping, and all around adventuring. We are based out of New Hampshire but we fly south for the winter months.

I'm Amanda, I am a NH Wedding Photographer, meme sharer, new-to-homeschool teacher, and family planner. I love organizing chaos and creating something beautiful from nothing. My husband, Ben, works full time but is able to be remote on our far off adventures. He is our real estate investing, car tinkering, spontaneous fun loving guy. Together we have two beautiful children that we adore.

The idea for this blog came out of my desire to love and serve my business clients long after their wedding day and well into the beautiful messy season of having little kids. I want to take our family's experiences and favorites and share them with you! Our hope for this lifestyle blog is that we can give you valuable insight into traveling, camping, hiking, and so much more. All with kids in tow.

Buckle up, this is going to be an epic adventure!

Most things we post over here on the blog will also be alive and well over on the VLOG! If you want to keep up to date on all things Perk, head over to our channel and be sure to subscribe!

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