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Things To Do In Zion National Park | USA Travel

Updated: Aug 23

If Zion National Park wasn’t on your vision board to go visit definitely should be!

If you are anything like me, relaxing looks very different than most. I relax by seeing epic sights and going on incredible adventures. That is why visiting our National Parks is something we love to do. We live in New Hampshire and although I lived in the desert of California when I was a toddler, I don’t remember a lot of it, there is so much to explore out there! We landed on Southwestern Utah to the beautiful Zion National Park! Unbeknownst to us at the time, Zion is the 3rd most visited national park in the country, and for good reason! It is breathtaking!

We took a 5 day stint and flew out west. It was short and sweet, but being without our children, we did so much adventuring! We stayed at the beautiful Sand Hollow Resort mainly because we thought we would do some golfing or UTV’ing, but we ended up not doing neither. Who thought going to the desert in July was a good idea? Thankfully we were used to the Eastern Time Zone and were able to wake before the sun came out and heated up the desert. Every day we were up super early to beat the heat, we knew we wouldn’t be able to hang for long when it’s 115 degrees outside. We spent time at Sand Hollow State Park as well as the epic Zion National Park. Our favorite trails were The Canyon Overlook Trail, West Rim Trail (to Angels Landing), and The Narrows.

Canyon Overlook Trail

This is a very short hike with absolutely breathtaking views! The evening before we were going to spend the day at Zion we drove to the park to check it out and verify shuttle times. We drove past this hike and spontaneously decided to hike it. I was not dressed for a hike and it was EXTREMELY hot outside...but we decided to try it. It is only 1 mile roundtrip. It was a super simple hike with cliffs and high drop offs. The end of the hike was a beautiful lookout through a MAGNIFICENT canyon.

West Rim Trail

This is one of the most famous trails because from it you can go to Angel’s Landing, which is the scariest hike in America. The West Rim Trail has lots of switchbacks that climb high into the sky with steep drop offs everywhere you look. Once at the top we arrived to Scout’s Lookout, which absolutely took my breath away. We actually saw the sun rise over one of the steep cliffs in the sky! From the lookout you can continue up to Angel’s Landing. This is a terrifying climb with only a chain to hold onto. You walk across a land bridge that is no more than 5 feet in width to finally get to the lookout. The most recent count is 13 people have fallen from their deaths from this hike. I climbed one set of chains before I decided it was definitely not for me, but Ben did the entire thing!

The Narrows

To be honest at first I did not want to do this hike. When we were planning our trip and I came across this hike I thought….walking through cold water? That sounds super thanks. But once we got there and it even the wind is hot, I gave it a second thought. It was SO much fun! I felt like a little kid on a playground climbing rocks and wading through water. I also felt like I had trained for this hike over the past decade by all of the rock beaches I’ve been to and all of the tide pooling I have done here in New England. The cool water was much welcomed. A little desert oasis!

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