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5 Beginner Kid Friendly Mountains in NH | NH Hiking

Updated: Aug 23

Want to challenge your kids to summit a mountain? Try building up their strength and stamina through these five hikes.

My husband and I love hiking, it is a chance for us to get away from the hustle and bustle of our home, enjoy nature, connect, and get some exercise! We definitely want to foster the love for hiking in our children too. We are slowly working our kids up to gain some serious elevation!

Blue Job

This is an easy 1.9 mile loop hike with only a +400 ft elevation gain. This is the perfect hike for small kiddos. There is a fire tower at the summit, which is great because the view from the top isn’t that spectacular. The fire tower gives you a better view for the hard work those kiddos put in.

Parker Mountain

This is a great mountain to hike for little legs. It is a 2.6 mile loop with an elevation gain of +600 ft. I strongly recommend not doing the loop and only going out and back in. The trails are not marked well and it is super easy to get lost. I might know this from personal experience. (Click here to read all about that nightmare of a story!) Even though we did get lost trying to find the loop with the terribly marked trail, the sights were beautiful! A much better view at the top than Blue Job had to offer.

Rattlesnake Mountains

East & West Rattlesnake Mountain (these are two different summits) is a great trail for growing the stamina of your little hikers because it is an out and back trail. You can turn around whenever you think is best. The entire out and back, summiting both mountains, is 3.7 miles with a +900 ft elevation gain. You have to go down one side to go back up the other side, so that was a bit of a struggle for the kids, but they did great! There are several look outs that have amazing views of Squam Lake. It was gorgeous!

Mount Major

This is a very popular hike, and for good reason. The views are tough to beat and the trails are marked well. This hike is a 3.7 mile loop with a +1,000 ft elevation gain. This is also a great hike to take visitors because it is a great view for such a generally smaller mountain. We usually hike this one multiple times a year.

Hedgehog Mountain

This is a more challenging hike for your kids, so make sure you build to this one. We were so proud of our kids when they completed this hike, but they were tired and my husband did have to put our daughter (3 years old at the time) on his shoulders quite a bit. The whole loop is 4.9 miles with an elevation gain of almost 1,400 ft. I would suggest this one to older kiddos with longer legs and lots of stamina.


Bonus: Want the views but not the strenuous exertion of energy? Try taking ski lifts and trams up ski mountains! Cannon Mountain, Loon Mountain, and Gunstock Mountain to name a few. Cannon is my personal favorite because you get an incredible view of the Franconia Notch!

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